SafeTACT in consultation with industry studies believes that effective training programs enhance employee and in hand business performance, increase job satisfaction and decrease employee turnover. By investing in personnel professional development, you clearly demonstrate to your employees they are valued helping you to retain and develop the best talent and keep down the cost of recruitment. It further assists to identify areas of further improvement taking your business to the Next Step.

SafeWAYS is a product created by our company to deliver specific kind of HSEC training that we as specialists in HSEC have identified as fundamental in order to entitle your HSEC workforce and leaders to improve their awareness, skills and engagement. All our training was developed with our own IP and when it is required to involve other areas of expertise we provide them in partnership with a qualified and expert provider.


As an example of services that can be delivered under SafeWAYS umbrella you scan find:


What are the key benefits of SafeAct?


Step Up for Safety is the Cultural Change Program that is tailored to suit your business dynamics.
There are 5 areas tailored to assess and empower the workforce to own Safety and live the values resulting in sustainable change for the business.
Cultural change is an evolution, the result of this program take your goals to reality by the engagement of a HSEC mindset where people are empowered and committed to outcomes of zero harm.
The objective of the program is simple, reduce the harm and damage to our people so that we can all go home from work safety each and every day.


Shifting your approach from one of compliance, processes, procedures and systems, to a more balanced mind-set that also places an equal emphasis on relationships, engagement and accountability.

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Life Matters

It is a Fatality Prevention and Permanent Damage Reduction Program.Life Matters is a newly developed Program that targets managing and recognising what causes damage to people in order to manage the risks. Only a small sector of workplace activities account for 80% of the incident phenomena across businesses. This training focuses on the critical issues and promotes insight and awareness to what are the biggest risks to personnel in your industry.

The program typically commences with a technical session detailing the facts in incident phenomena and an overview on what the real issues are for your business. This is followed by site engagement and interactions with front line personnel within the company to assess potential areas of concern and collaboratively discuss solutions.Identified issues are tracked for resolution with the application of the hierarchy of controls. Programs are estimated at 1 – 4 days depending on the complexity of the business, a commitment from the company’s leadership team, active participation and follow up is required for the program’s success.

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SafeLIFE Commitments

It is a program to provide clarity on life saving absolutes for the business. Key messages are often diluted with ‘saturation of less important issues’, we often use the analogy of white noise saturation’. Life Safe is a program to focus our attention to the biggest risks and those that pose the largest threats to our employees and to the business. This focus helps us to see and put our attention to the right areas in order to control adverse outcomes proactively.

The Life Save commitments are based on industry key high impact events and can be modified to suit your business requirements. The commitments are in place to protect your employee’s lives. They are specifically targeted as the critical few so that all employees and contractors remember them and live them daily so we go home safe to loved ones and can enjoy the things that are important to us all.The program combines information session and features visual prompts with marketing expertise to ensure the success of the launch in your business.

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It is our HSE Leadership program which is developed to be run for 1 day to introduce frontline supervisors and leaders into Safety fundamentals. The course outline empowers participants and provides effective leadership tools enable the frontline to communicate and lead effectively in your workplace.

The framework consists of 8 steps and learning outcomes and by the end of the course delegates will be able to:

Refresh offers a refreshing thinking process to enable our frontline leadership team to understand not only their requirements but to become more effective and engage with their teams to get safe production.

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It is our communication and engagement with both internal and external stakeholders. Can be seen as a key enabler to the effectiveness and impact on any business.

The purpose of this course is to ensure effective communication engages with all necessary internal and external stakeholders in a way that:

The tiered communication approach from senior management to their workersensures people are informed with the right information at the right level.

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Coaching & Mentoring

SafeTACT team experience and expertise allow us to be able to provide coaching and mentoring when it is required.

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