It is a product created by our company to deliver strategic plans, integrated HSEC systems for workplace implementation and targeted specialist deliverables. The intention is to provide clear guidelines and methodology for applying and managing the required HSEC standards for undertaking work.


As an example of services that can be delivered under SafeMode umbrella you can find:


What are the key benefits of SafeMode?


Strategic HSEC Plans for all kinds of business

SafeTACT can help your business to create or improve HSEC plans. Our specialists can bring updated ideas and innovative ways to manage HSEC needs according to your business reality. We look at an integrated approach to ensure alignment between development of HSEC Strategic plans and the Company Business Plan.

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HSEC System Development

SafeTACT develops your HSEC System according to your business needs and with our expertise.
The main systems that we develop are:


Tender Preparation & Evaluation

SafeTACT can assist your business to create or improve your HSEC tender submissions in a fast and effective way. Our specialists can bring the expertise in submitting your tenders professionally to ensure you meet the clients’ demands in line with your future growth and company vision.
Our collective experience working for the leading companies worldwide means that your tenders will meet and exceed the expectations of your future clients enabling you the best possible chance for business growth and profitability.

Emergency Preparedness & Evacuation Plans

SafeTACT can assist your Management Team by developing or improving the Emergency & Evacuation plan. If your business requires training it can be provided quickly and in a cost effective way for your business.
We tailor made your plan according to your business needs in regards:

Disaster & Crisis Management; Recovery Actions; and Business Reputation actions.

SafeTACT plan is concise and integrated it covers all emergencies for which the business has legal, ethical or community responsibilities. Crisis Management is activated dependent on the seriousness of an incident or potentially damage to the reputation of your business. SafeTACT services can also include media management; external reporting; independent investigations, and much more in order to completely assist your business/management team during stressful situation.

Integrated HSEC Assessment

Does your business present:

SafeTACT can do an efficient and rapid review assessment on your business which combines analysis on your current plan versus the strategy, HSEC documentation, implementation and culture.
In case a deeper analysis of the Culture is required we can ran perception surveys providing insight to the minds and moral of employees, contractors and consultants working. This provides the knowledge to engage in strategic cultural change programs that we can supply through SafeWAYS product.

Accreditation – AS/NZ S4801, ISO14001

SafeTACT can make sure that your business HSEC systems were developed to meet the AS/NZS S4801 – the Australian & New Zealand Standards for Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems – requirements.

What is AS/NZS S4801?

It is a Standard that requires five main components of OH&S Management that are implemented into businesses activities to ensure all OH&S issues are effectively managed. This Standard specifies requirements for an Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) certification, to enable an organisation to formulate a policy and objectives taking into account legislative requirements and information about hazards or risks. It applies to those hazards or risks over which the organisation may exert control and over which it can be expected to have an influence.

What is ISO14001, ISO9001?

The major difference between the two systems is while ISO 9001 is focused on an organization’s quality aspects, ISO 14001 is focused on an organization’s environmental aspects and impacts.

Government package

SafeTACT created and developed HSEC SafeVision targeted for Government demand. The HSEC SafeVision combines HSEC services focused on how to improve government interaction with the HSEC market. We believe that our services are useful for this sector because technical components can be outsourced, it was developed by HSEC specialists and it considers market demand.

As an example of the deliverables under this service you can find:


What are HSEC SafeVision key benefits for the Government?


Small business package

Our company created and developed HSEC SafeVision targeted for Small business demand. We understands that each small business is unique and based on your sector may require modification to ensure the inclusion of the relevant HSEC key elements that we work with.
As an example of the deliverables under this service you can find:


What are HSEC SafeVision key benefits for the Small Business?