It is a product created by our company to attend the market needs in regards to incident and investigation management, auditing and Business Improvement. SafeTACT’s vision is to minimize the HSEC reactive approach, we provide services with a combination of techniques that allow us to build a better HSEC mentality into the business for improvement planning.



As an example of services that can be delivered under SafeAct umbrella you can find:


What are the key benefits of SafeAct?


Analytics, taxonomy business review

People often make judgement on what issues a company is facing without really understanding the real impacts. With this in mind goals may be misaligned with managing the right risks. Compilation and analysing both your company and industry incident phenomena can prove both insightful and focus you on the right areas.


Action Management

It is critical to any Business that we follow up on set or directed corrective actions and therefore imperative that a system is developed and deployed to ensure that not only actions are completed and verified that they are fit for purpose and where possible eliminate risk of incident reoccurrence.


Incident Investigation Facilitation and Management

In the event of a workplace incident, we understand the demands and stress to manage these sensitive issues professionally and with a culture of care.
We have qualified personnel with extensive experience in fatality investigation and critical incident management that will deliver the best outcomes to your business at the right level – all incident management is performed under legal privilege when required to ensure that all personnel, including family members of people involved in incidents and business reputation is managed sensitively and appropriately.


Third Party Review and Advice

Are you unsure if you really got to the root cause of how the incident occurred and do you have the best corrective actions in place?
If the answer is no consider a confidential review of an incident or an investigation report.

Prosecution defence preparation and representation

In the event you require prosecution defence preparation please contact us to confidentially discuss the case in order to adequately prepare and support your business, external investigation so not always have the right facts that should be presented and review of the case is highly recommended.

Incident Classification Review and Advice

Do you require an independent review of your business statistical relevance? Completing reviews is a pro-active more prior to any compliance audits you may be scheduled to undertake, this will ensure you are aligned with the relevant acts and governing standards with remedial action internally managed.

Auditing and Business Improvement

Pro-active evaluation of your business HSEC systems including implementation reviews is an integral part of improvement planning. You need to know where you are to plan your journey to not just a better system but a HSEC management system that is used, valued by the employees, understood and well implemented to meet the requirements of your business.


We have qualified personnel that will deliver value to your business pitched at the right level – we do not believe in the creation of technical and laborious systems where they are not required, specific health and specialised criteria will only be used for system improvement where the business is required to comply with specific Acts and/or Australian or International Standards.


Our drive is to produce simple to use business improvement plans and systems that the end user is able to understand and implement.