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Resourcing the Future of Safety

Getting the people dynamics and the required results are not always an easy balance. Did you know that most people will employee someone that appeals to them without really evaluating what the business really needs? A simple way to relate is that if you only hire people with a similar profile to yourself – you will only achieve the same things you are already achieving. Step out of the box and consider evaluating what you have to make a better decision on what you need.

Is your waist becoming an Expansion Project

Consider lifting your company profile and consider running a health initiative! With Australia fast becoming # 2 globally on morbid obesity take a lead and lift your staffs’ morale by providing some workplace health checks. BMI, cholesterol, blood pressure, mole scanning, flu vaccinations are just some initiatives that you could consider.
You would be surprised how much it lifts morale and raises production when the company displays an active culture of care.

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“It’s Heating Up – Managing Heat Stress”