SafeTACT team combines multicultural and diversified experiences in the following areas: Safety Management; including Strategy, Risk, Investigations, and Training. Occupational Health & Hygiene, Endemic and Community Health, Environment, System Development and Implementation, Psychology, Marketing, Communities and Engineering.

Our working methodology stands our essay writers team working culture and theme of WORK SMART, STAY SAFE through acting with urgency, remain responsive to change, learn from global outcomes, have the courage to change course when needed and reward our people for thinking out of the box in finding better ways to solve issues.

Management Team

Monique Swanson



Monique Swanson is the founder and director of SafeTACT. Monique has 20 years of working experience in Occupational Safety & Health across a range of industries including Mining, Construction and Health with international experience in Asia, South America, Africa and Europe.

After working for top mining companies such as BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto in the specialized field of Expansion Projects, she has decided to launch her own business in the HSEC industry.

Monique’s track record built up through many years of work in the HSEC market can definitely be seen as an advantage of realistic and cost effective HSEC solutions for any kind of business (small to big).

Her experience combined with maturity and people’s skills have proved to be her key factors of success. She is well known in the industry as a very active, results driven, innovative, positive and deliverable focused professional.

Monique’s idea to launch SafeTACT is based on her perception of bringing to the market an integrated HSEC approach with diversified talents and expertise to outcome deliverable nutrition essay topics focused and cost effective results.

SafeTACT is a result of a team work effort combining Monique’s HSEC industry expertise, ability to engage different working profiles to the company and experience with Renata’s marketing skills, experience and talent to create SafeTACT marketing strategy with brand positioning.

Monique’s linkedin profile: link

Renata Bitencourt

Marketing & Business Manager


Renata has joined Monique into the challenge of launching SafeTACT globally. Key focus areas delivered to date have been SafeTACT’s name & slogan creation, brand positioning and portfolio development including the communication strategy making sure the company gets the right positioning into the targeted markets.

Renata has over 15 years of diverse international working experience in Marketing/Business for different sectors, such as: consumer goods (beverages, food and clothing/fashion), event, pharmaceutical, textile, laboratory, NGOs, education, and recently the Health & Safety (HSEC) sector. She has fluency in Portuguese and English with a good command in Spanish and French.

After working for top marketing companies such as Coca Cola Company and Reader’s Digest at the beginning of her career in Brazil, Renata has decided to diversify her marketing/communication skills by moving to the consultancy sector.

Her academic qualifications can be listed as:


Renata is well known as an innovative, creative and caring person. She definitely adds value to SafeTACT team mainly due to her diversity, creativity, cultural change, language skills and marketing/communication expertise.

For further details on Renata’s working background see: CV


Andy Hamill

Safety Manager


Andy Hamill leads our Safety Division and encompasses 27 years in the mining sector, with particular expertise in construction and the resource industry, both on site in the Pilbara and in Perth. Andy specialises in Project execution assisting engineering and geological team to deliver excellence in Safety outcomes.

Andy has extensive experience in team leadership, auditing, procedure and system design and implementation of health and safety management systems suitable to on and offshore projects. Particular passion is in the field of Fatality Prevention and Critical Risk Management. Andy is a valued member of any team and delivers a strong culture of communication and engagement to ensure the best project outcomes for all.

Andy’s career history has come from working for RT for the past 20 years in site and Perth base positions.

Richard Byrne

Site Safety Principal


Richard’s career encompasses in excess of 30 years in the mining sector, with particular expertise in construction and project execution across sites globally.

Richard promotes safe work environments and raises the awareness of safety by working with teams and engages personnel with a supportive and mentoring demeanor. Richard actively communicates solutions to problems and key learning’s based on experience to promote the sharing of information.


Richard is well known for conveying knowledge and skills to personnel by hands-on practice and feedback using encouragement, praise, and handling queries effectively. He builds trust with both staff and contractors at all levels of organisations while maintaining confidentiality of sensitive information.

Richard experience demonstrates a cool and level headed approach which is well met on any site, accurately determining the best approach to mitigate risk and engage the workforce.


Richards’s vast experience stems from working across many of the big mining companies globally including, Across Australia, Africa, India and Asia.

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