The sum of the parts with knowledge & innovation produces commitment and cultural change to achieve realistic and efficient outcomes.

Why SafeTACT?

SafeTACT is a new Australian company in the HSEC market that offers:

How we work?

We understand that health and safety relies a lot on a good planning and communication so we created this simplistic diagram to facilitate the comprehension on how we structured our work. Which combined with our expertise contributes to differentiate our services.
Resourcing the Future of Safety

Safe Tips

Resourcing the Future of Safety

Getting the people dynamics and the required results are not always an easy balance. Did you know that most people will employee someone that appeals to them without really evaluating what the business really needs?…..

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About Us

SafeTACT was born to leave a lasting legacy of Respect and Prosperity that will inspire future generations in setting new and unprecedented health, safety, environmental and community standards. Our founder & director Monique Swanson spans 20 years of working experience in the HSEC sector, most of which has been with mining corporations in the specialized […]


This product is under development. When it is ready will be launched to the market.

Why SafeTACT?

Our team combines a diverse and experienced group of people focused to provide cost effective and results driven HSEC solutions to your business or organization. SafeTACT is a new Australian company in the HSEC market that offers: People’s empowerment on HSEC results and achievements Assistance to build up HSEC mentality among your staff (from employee […]


SafeTACT has selected a list of trustable and useful industry links for you. Our intention is to update it constantly so our clients and visitors can use our site as a reliable source of HSEC information in an easy and quick way to find what you need. Useful HSEC Links Chamber of Minerals and Energy […]


  It is a product created by our company to deliver strategic plans, integrated HSEC systems for workplace implementation and targeted specialist deliverables. The intention is to provide clear guidelines and methodology for applying and managing the required HSEC standards for undertaking work. Services As an example of services that can be delivered under SafeMode […]


It is a product developed by our company to define the hazard identification and risk assessment techniques to be used for asset lifecycles as applicable. In today’s marketplace it has become imperative that corporations implement risk management procedures to correctly identify and mitigate the risks that can prevent the corporations from achieving their business goals. […]


It is a product created by our company to attend the market needs in regards to incident and investigation management, auditing and Business Improvement. SafeTACT’s vision is to minimize the HSEC reactive approach, we provide services with a combination of techniques that allow us to build a better HSEC mentality into the business for improvement […]


SafeTACT in consultation with industry studies believes that effective training programs enhance employee and in hand business performance, increase job satisfaction and decrease employee turnover. By investing in personnel professional development, you clearly demonstrate to your employees they are valued helping you to retain and develop the best talent and keep down the cost of […]


It is a product created by our company to deliver HSEC tailor-made projects. The intention is to provide HSEC project management with clear guidelines and methodology for applying and managing the required standards for each component throughout a project lifecycle, placing an emphasis on the responsibilities and accountabilities of all personnel associated with the business […]

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